Revolutions of Resolution: About the Fluxes of Poor Images in Visual Capitalism

Co-autoría Joaquín Zerené Harcha y Paula Cardoso Pereira


A key issue at stake in the circulation of digital images is their resolution: the kind and quantity of “information” that these images carry. However, resolution is not just an informational issue. It can be a key factor to think a new image value based on velocity, spread and circulation as well as another prism from where to look at power relations in visual practices. This article proposes an analysis of low-resolution digital images (poor images) from a critical perspective on Visual Culture. The role of poor images in today’s audiovisual capitalism is explored addressing issues of aesthetics, image circulation, politics of accessibility, and the effects of materiality within hegemonic and contrahegemonic cultural digital practices.

2014. Artículo "Revolutions of Resolution: About the Fluxes of Poor Images in Visual Capitalism" (co-autoría con Paula Cardoso Pereira), publicado en;tripleC: Communication, Capitalism Critique, Vol.12, No 1, Special Issue: Critical Visual Theory (ISSN: 1726-670X), referenciada en SCOPUS.

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